Over the last 85 years, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation has worked with individuals, families, nonprofit organizations and corporations to administer scholarship funds that match their interests.

Our dedicated scholarship staff is knowledgeable of legal guidelines for the selection and awarding of scholarships. While tax rules prevent scholarship grantors from selecting recipients and awarding scholarships to family members or loved ones, grantors can be actively involved in the scholarship process by attending scholarship ceremonies and presenting awards to the recipients.

The Community Foundation also partners with several school districts to administer their scholarship endowment funds, including:
  • Omro Area Scholarship & Education Foundation
  • Education Foundation of Ripon
  • Winneconne Area Education Foundation
  • Oshkosh Area School District Foundation
  • Neenah Joint School District Education Foundation
3 Easy Steps

Scholarships have a tremendous impact on the students who receive them. Without scholarships, many students would be unable to go to college.

Individuals and families often establish scholarship funds to:
  • Memorialize a loved one, allowing that person's legacy to live on;
  • Honor a family member's accomplishments or celebrate a lifetime of achievement.
Businesses often establish scholarship funds to:
  • Encourage students to pursue a related field of study, such as business, education, science, technology, medicine, law etc.;
  • Honor the achievements of a founder, retiring executive or long-time employee.
Our staff will meet confidentially with you, your family, organization or company to help you set up your scholarship fund. We'll ask you to:

Choose your focus. You can set up a general scholarship fund to support a deserving student or establish specific criteria for scholarship recipients, such as:
  • Who should apply?
  • Where should students be from?
  • Should this benefit someone with a financial need?
  • Applicants must attend ______ (insert name of college, university, technical college or high school).
  • Applicants must plan to major in ______ (insert name of major or field of study).
If you wish, you also may specify other criteria.

Name the fund. The fund can bear your name, your company name, the name of a loved one or be anonymous.

Contribute. With a gift of $10,000 or more, we'll award a scholarship during the next scholarship cycle.

Or establish an Acorn Fund with a gift of just $500 (and annual gifts of at least $250) and watch it grow. The first scholarship will be awarded after the Acorn Fund reaches $10,000. You also may choose to make two gifts while the Acorn Fund grows, one for an immediate scholarship and one to the scholarship fund you've established.

We accept a variety of gifts, from cash, stock, bonds and mutual funds and property.

You also establish a scholarship fund after your lifetime by including the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation in your will or estate plan, or by naming the Community Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Sample Language for a Bequest to a Scholarship Fund

"“I give to the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Corporation, a Wisconsin nonprofit public charity, (insert the percentage of your estate, trust or a sum of money) OR (all my right, title and interest in the following described property _________). This gift shall be used to establish the _________ Fund, which is designed to benefit (insert what you want to scholarship to support: students in need, students at a specific college/university, students in a specific major). I understand the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation Corporations' Board of Directors holds legal responsibility for the Fund and is solely responsible for the investment of and distributions from the Fund.

Once established, we'll promote the scholarship on our Fox River Scholarship Center website.

Additional Help

For further information about starting a scholarship fund with the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, please contact Education Coordinator Cheryl Fowler by phone at 920-426-3993 or by by email.
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