How do you select grant recipients?
Grant applications are reviewed by an independent advisory committee. This committee reviews all applications received, and recommends awards to the organizations that best meet the granting criteria.

After the advisory committee has made its recommendations, the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation board of directors votes to approve the grant awards. Following board approval, all applying organizations will be notified of the granting decision.

When do you notify grant recipients?
Grant recipients are generally notified within 90 days of the application deadline. All applicants will be informed of the committee's decision.

If we're awarded a grant, what are our responsibilities?
As a grant recipient, it is your responsibility to complete the grant within the parameters outlined in the official grant contract. You will also be required to complete a Grant Evaluation within 60 days of project completion.

Do we need to pay our grant back?
No, grants are charitable grants that do not need to be paid back (provided you meet the conditions specified in the grant award).

How are awards paid?
Grant checks are sent directly to your nonprofit for the purpose specified in the grant. Grants over $10,000 will be paid in installments, with an interim report due midway through the project.

What are the grant publicity guidelines?
In promotional materials for your grant, please indicate that the program was funded (in whole or in part) by the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation. For more specifics on publicity guidelines, please refer to the materials in your official grant contract.
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