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There are two ways to give with your charitable gift card.
  1. Donate to an existing fund with the Community Foundation.
    A majority of our funds are endowment funds, which support a charity's annual operational needs but also continue to grow ensuring that charity's future operations. Certain funds also support the short-term efforts of a special project.
    Find the fund in the list below OR enter a few key words in the Search box.
  2. Donate to your favorite charity and support its immediate needs.
    Just tell us the name and any other details about where you'd like the gift to go, like a specific program, and we'll cut a check and send it on its way.
Can't decide? We're happy to help! Please call the Community Foundation at 920-426-3993 (during regular business hours) or email us at and we'll help you decide where to direct your Charitable Gift Card.

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