Lasting Legacy

Elizabeth Rasmussen loved her community.

"She was always involved," recalls her cousin Janet Mead. "She just loved this area and wanted to give back where she could."

A former primary school teacher, Elizabeth led a modest life on Oshkosh's south side. She lived comfortably, but not lavishly - unless you count her rich giving spirit. Read More
  Strength in Numbers

Their purpose is simple: do good and give back.

Inspired by other giving circles of the Oshkosh Area Community Foundation, the Oshkosh Angels started their Acorn Fund to make an impact in our community. Each member contributes a small amount every year, growing the fund until it's large enough to support charitable projects of interest to the entire group. Read More
  Remembering Adam

Dave and Marcie Gundlach are optimists.

But, when their son, Adam, was killed in a water-skiing accident, their upbeat attitudes were tested.

Adam was their first-born, an active Oshkosh West High School junior, who was on the high honor roll, a member of the student council, varsity swim team, tennis team, St. Raphael's Life Teen program and a Mercy Medical Center volunteer. Read More
  Funding the Future

Gail Schwab is willing to drop a hint for a good cause.

In 2004, she told a Coldwell Banker Schwab Realty staff member that she and Dennis would love to have an Acorn Fund at the Community Foundation–and that it would make the perfect holiday gift.

When staff presented it to them at the company holiday celebration, they were thrilled. Read More
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