Quality of life is STRONG in Oshkosh, WI

"If you look at all that the Foundation has done over the years, so many of the visions for Oshkosh have become a reality thanks to good people who want to do good for their community," says Bill Wyman, president and CEO. "We enjoy a fantastic quality of life in Oshkosh today. And there's so much more we can do." Thank you to all who have worked toward a better Oshkosh, yesterday, today and tomorrow! Thanks to the creative talents of the following contributors of this video: Russ Potratz (Strata Comm); Rob McAllister; videographer/editor Sean Casper (Paradime Media); Oshkosh Corp, EAA, Sonex, UW Oshkosh, Pacur, Chris Hibben (Snap 180 - licensed aerial footage) and Mr. Automatic, Andy Lubahn.

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